Major General (Dr.) D. Singh Ji

Hon'ble Chairman
Tamo Martial Art Federation (India)

In arts, the particular sage is portrayed as somewhat ‘restless’, often portrayed with blue barbaric eyes, or one with without eyelids, overall which give us the image which definitely has contraction to the peace-loving face which Lord Buddha possess generally in almost all school of arts. This thing is probably the reflection of the way, he tried to achieved enlightenment or in a pursuit of a way to ease the whole process of attaining moksha for his co-mates. Regarding his methodology, several stories are floating worldwide, the one which is very famous is where he cut off his own eyelid in order to prevent sleep.

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Tamo Martial Art Federation (India)

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Mr. Raghvender Singh

Tamo Martial Art Federation (India)

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Tamo Martial Art Federation (India)

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Tamo Martial Art Federation (India)

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Tamo Martial Art Federation (India)

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What they're saying about us

Our president is one of the best team leader or mentor & feels like you are at right place for learn Tamo Martial Art.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

3rd Degree Black Belt

The Martial Art was also very well organized. It is very usefull as well as it is an Indian Martial Art which is developed by an Indian masters.

Maj. Gen. Dilawar Singh Ji

Hon'ble Chairman

It was a great experience! with Tamo Martial Art They all are very good masters in that federation. Jai Hind.

Mr. Virendra Singh Ji

Padam Shree Awardee

Overall, I had an excellent experience with the web application. It was easy to use, well organized.

Mr. Manjeet D. Writess

Writer Director

it is best Martial Art for any federation, where you can learn and get most powerfull person in that field & good way to learn martial art.

Mrs. Pratibha Lodhi

Member of Tamo


NDMC Convention Centre


15, Sansad Marg, Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi-110001

Open Hours:

7th April 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM