The Bodhidharma history is about a Buddhist Monk who was a legend, and his lining span was counted between the 5th or 6th period. He was the torchbearer and spreader of Buddhism. He has also begun the journey of many Shaolin Monastery monks by providing them physical training. He elaborates this training as lead as the leader, so he was called "Daruma," which depicts it as "Dharma of Awakening," which means Bodhi is an enlightener.

The records have shown that the origin of the Bodhidharma has erupted from the western area. Specifically, it is mentioned as India and Central Asia. Bodhidharma is also mentioned as The Blue-Eyed Barbarian and portrayed as broad-eyed, bearded, and a moody Chinese man.

The principal references of sources have revealed a different theory about the Bodhidharma. We have mentioned above that the primary origin of Bodhidharma was believed to be from the western areas. Somehow this was termed as the Persian Central Asian. Further details mention that it is including the descendent of a Brahmin king. Later resources revealed that it has unities with the rule of the Pallavas.

About Buddhist Monasteries - Luoyang

Yang Xuanzhi, an interpreter of Mahayana Sutras, was also a writer and assembled this sutra believed to be in 547 eras. As per his account and interpretation – he mentioned that a monk who traveled from the western area to the borders of China. However, he was no one but was only Bodhidharma.

He was mesmerized by the view and the spiritual feeling that had come from the vision of Sighting the shiny golden at the top of Yǒngníng's stupa imitating in the sun. The beautiful shiny rays brightening the clouds and the jewel bells blowing sounds were spreading along with the wind. The ricochets sound was a blessing with the heavenly presence.

Yang Xuanzhi was fascinated by the virtual and heavenly ambiance he mentioned in his life span of one hundred fifty years. He had visited almost all the countries, and no country left for him to travel to. He had mentioned that the incredible Buddha Empire doesn't have this. Lin the most homage situation and feeling he had saluted for the peaceful day.

Bodhidharma – Shaolin:

As per few assertions, the Bodhidharma or the monks of Shaolin carried the poor health and physical appearance that at the later stage tend to deliver the techniques of meditation. Also, he had been said to provide the external exercise collections termed Eighteen Arhat Hands. Sinew Metamorphosis Classic was the term used for the practice of this collection of exercises. It was believed that there were two manuscripts named the Xisui Jing and the Yijin Jing. As per the information, the Replicas of Yijin Jing had been endured till the day, but the Xisui Jing is not available.

Presence after his death:

Almost after the understanding death of Bodhidharma, Song Yun, who was an ambassador, saw Bodhidharma while holding a shoe near the Pamir Mountains. He asked where he was going, in reply to which Bodhidharma said that he is going home. 

He also warned Song not to tell anyone; else, it would be a disaster for him. But as soon as Song had reached, he told this to the King. The King exiled him for telling a lie.

Bodhidharma and the invention of Chinese Martial Arts

Bodhidharma was believed to be the inventor of kung fu Art, as there are some martial arts handbooks mentioning Shaolin temple and Bodhidharma.