As there are many facts that state that India is the origin of various skills, art, and culture, Martial Art has also been rooted in India. There was an Indian priest known as “Bodhidarma,” and in Chinese, it is termed as “Da-MO.” He then visited China to meet the emperor and with the vision to spread his learning. He had this noble cause in the vision of spreading this beautiful practice so that learners could get moksha. But the emperor took this in another way of self-nirvana.

Hence the Bodhidharma made his separate path to do this practice used in a pleasing way. Later after the accepting death of Bodhidharma, Song Yun saw him near the Pamir Mountains and became intuitive to know where he was going. Bodhidharma said he is going back home, but Song Yun should not tell this anyone. But when Yun met the emperor, he told this to him, and the emperor exiled him.

So, as per the facts and history, “Bodhidharma” was known and believed as the originator of excellent kung fu Art form. This is also evident from various notes and handouts discovered from the Shaolin temple.

This was initiated as the self-defense needs on the occasional problems, and later they are termed and codified into an intellectual art form. Tamo Martial Art foundation is one of its intellectual organizations catering to the need of the hour.

The main aim of the organization is to teach this heritage to the youth. This way, it can be spread, and people will admire this Art Form. The techniques and the psychology behind this art form itself sufficient for anyone to be stronger physically as well as mentally. So, be a believer and get ready for the next generation.